Our team consists of passionate colleagues who work in the nursery, in the workshop and in the office. The profession of arborist is a profession where, in addition to knowledge & passion, perseverance & cooperation is also required. Our team consists of very loyal colleagues who have been taking care of our trees for more than 25 years, but also young job seekers who learn the trade ‘in the field’.

We are a company that undertakes in a socially responsible manner. We employ people with a distance to the labour market and offer internships to various programmes (MBO level 1,2,3 and 4 and also students of the HAS). See page: internship / BPV

Our guarantees for you:

Eerlijke bomen
100% fair trees
Afspraak = afspraak
Deal = Deal
Wij maken uw order compleet
We complete your order
Snel en flexibele levering
Fast and flexible delivery
Duurzaam geteeld
Sustainably grown
De Jong van Laarhoven B.V.

Brede Heide 16
5281 RZ Boxtel, Nederland
Tel. +31411684476
E-mail: info@jonglaar.nl

CO2 prestatieladder
Plant Proof
ISO 9001
Erkend leerbedrijf

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