Sustainable use of our land and means of production is of great importance to our company, our employees and our environment so that we can continue to produce now and in the future!

The founder of our company is a biologist, so even though the word ‘sustainable’ was not as popular 40 years ago as it is today, we have always taken care of our soils and surroundings.

We comply with extra-legal requirements with regard to be sustainability and the set environmental requirements.

On the way to PlanetProof

On the way to PlanetProof is an independent quality mark that proves that you are buying a product that has been produced more sustainably and is therefore a better choice for nature, climate and animals.

“We strive for an optimal balance between the factors

People, Planet and Profit

Our guarantees for you:

Eerlijke bomen
100% fair trees
Afspraak = afspraak
Deal = Deal
Wij maken uw order compleet
We complete your order
Snel en flexibele levering
Fast and flexible delivery
Duurzaam geteeld
Sustainably grown
De Jong van Laarhoven B.V.

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CO2 prestatieladder
Plant Proof
ISO 9001
Erkend leerbedrijf

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