Big by just (doing) …

Our medium-sized tree nursery of 100 hectares has a wide and deep assortment of more than 200 different trees. We can provide you with trees with the size 14-16 cm trunk size, but also in 4x or 5x transplanted trees in the size 60-70 cm. We complete your order and can arrange the transport to the planting hole for you. We just do it !

Our family business started in 1982 and has now developed strong roots in Boxtel in North Brabant.

The nursery

We grow trees with a high quality. What can you expect from our trees?

1. A healthy tree that has built up a good resistance.

2. A tree with a fine-meshed root system, so that the growth will be as optimal as possible.

3. A tree that will eventually conform to the image that was conceived in the beginning of the project.


In 2005, we were one of the first three tree growers to join Milieukeur. In the meantime, Milieukeur has switched to the PlanetProof quality mark and we therefore still grow within extra-legal requirements.

The soil

The loamy sandy soil provides a very good basis for growing trees. Our trees are transplanted every 4 to 5 years, so they have been able to develop a rich root system. This is essential to have a successful regrowth at almost any location.


We are happy to give free advice on growth site preparation, care, assortment and transport. All this with the main goal that you, as a customer, feel welcome with us from the first contact to the aftercare.

Trees (are a)live?!

You are welcome to come along and take a walk between our trees. We are happy to think along with you.

Our guarantees for you:

Eerlijke bomen
100% fair trees
Afspraak = afspraak
Deal = Deal
Wij maken uw order compleet
We complete your order
Snel en flexibele levering
Fast and flexible delivery
Duurzaam geteeld
Sustainably grown
De Jong van Laarhoven B.V.

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CO2 prestatieladder
Plant Proof
ISO 9001
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