Fast and flexible delivery is one of our 5 guarantees. The road from the country to our customer is very short. We like to meet the wishes of the customer and think along with you to shape the transport and logistics as efficiently as possible.

There are several possibilities to get the trees on the new location:

  • Af-nursery: you arrange the transport yourself and come and pick up the trees from us.
  • Carriage paid: the delivery costs are included. If possible, we deliver to the planting hole.
Free delivery

We have our own trailers, crane trucks, and a regular transporter who has been driving and planting trees for us for many years at various municipalities in the Netherlands and Belgium. Among other things, the most modern trucks are used.

We can unload the trees at your municipal yard or in the neighborhood with our own trucks with crane. Our drivers are experienced tree transporters and have all the material (such as various sizes of slings and protective material) to ensure that your tree can start its ‘new life’ undamaged.

We always look at the most efficient transport planning, for example by making combination freights. This is in the interest of the environment, but also economically interesting, for both the client and for us.

Other services:

  • Trees can be delivered pruned.
  • Trees can be placed in the planting hole.
  • Trees can be provided with labels with street name, neighborhood etc. including a very recognizable color coding.
  • Trunks can get complicated with reeds or jute.

Our guarantees for you:

Eerlijke bomen
100% fair trees
Afspraak = afspraak
Deal = Deal
Wij maken uw order compleet
We complete your order
Snel en flexibele levering
Fast and flexible delivery
Duurzaam geteeld
Sustainably grown
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